British Mysteries: UFO, Druids, Crop Circles, Stonehenge and a Pyramid

Wiltshire is famous for the many and intricate crop circle formations that magically appear! Or is there a more ordinary explanation? Crop circles are normally large and created by the flattening of the crop into the fascinating patterns we can see.


Castles were the first to withstand enemies attacks and the last to surrender, for centuries fortifications were considered one of the most important constructions in urban areas. The magnificent castles of Britain are a thing of beauty. 

The spectacular castles of Britain are a thing of beauty. Imagine yourself transported to another era, one with servants, maids and ladies in waiting. You will hear stories about its inhabitants, history of local villages and have a glimpse into a different universe.

We have selected the most beautiful castles for you to see.


  • See The White Horse - the oldest 3,000 years old chalk-cut hill figure in Britain
  • See mysterious Crop Circles that appear every Spring
  • Explore the most famous stone circle in Britain: Stonehenge
  • Discover Woodhenge, where Druids made sacrifices
  • Walk around the British Pyramid, mysterious Silbury Hill


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Sights you will see:

Silbury Hill
White Horse
Crop Circles


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Some religions today, like Christianity and Wicca, have been influenced by Druidry. Circles were key to many Druid beliefs; the circle of life, the seasons, light and darkness. On the first stop, you will explore remains of the UffingtonCastle and mysterious Neolithic White Horse. You will drive towards BarburyCastle, a strategically placed hill fort that served defensive forces from the Iron Age up until the 20th century.


On your journey, you will discover the Cherhill White Horse, the second oldest in Wiltshire being cut in 1780, possibly inspired by the horse at Westbury cut two years earlier. Continue your trip towards the most famous stone circle in Britain - Stonehenge, an ancient megalithic monument dating back to about 2400 B.C. Most people’s first thoughts about the Druids might be of them congregating around Stonehenge and casting magical incantations. There is indeed thought that this was a place of worship for them, as it still is today for pagans and other neo-druids.


After you explore this druid site, you will travel towards the most massive artificial mound in Europe, mysterious Silbury Hill that compares in height and volume to some of the Egyptian pyramids. Its mystery lies in its reluctance to reveal its purpose: historians and archaeologists have puzzled for centuries over why it was built. You will also see where human sacrifices took place, in the atmospheric Neolithic site, Woodhenge.

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