A Magical Van Gogh Adventure in London

Walking Tour

Original Van Gogh walk

Go back in time into 1873 when Van Gogh lived his happiest life. Follow his footpath to the most fascinating places in the 19th century. Discover where he lived, worked, visited prostitutes and wrote letters to his brother.


  • You will see vibrant Covent Garden, a hotspot for creative people since the 19th century.
  • Discover "Actors church" courtyard where he would have lunch
  • Hear why Westminster Bridge has always inspired artists
  • Walk by the marvellous Houses of Parliament 
  • See graffiti tunnel - the only street in London where graffiti is real
  • Explore a park where Van Gogh went to see cricket games
  • Walk by the house of Van Gogh
  • Take a photo with Van Gogh sculpture

184 £ per person

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Sights you will see:

Westminster Bridge
Covent Garden


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      Once upon a time, Van Gogh lived in London. It happened when London wasn't so densely populated, and artists from all over Europe travelled here to be inspired by its fog and enchanting architecture.

      You will see vibrant Covent Garden, a hotspot for creative people since the 19th century. That's precisely where Vincent Van Gogh worked while living in London.
You will walk down the flamboyant area and reach Vincent's favourite street, the centre of London’s book and print trade. 
     That's where he would come every morning to smell the fresh paint of the newspaper and go through the latest news. Luckily some of the Strand's shops thrived through the centuries and are still open. 
     Walk through the emerald-green park while listening to the twirling birds as Van Gogh did 200 years ago. 

    Today you are not you anymore. You become one with Van Gogh. 

    This park is one of the few with frogs, and in the 19th century, Vincent went there to watch cricket games. Later on, you will see his rented place - just a tiny house outskirts in his time. Because back then, Stockwell was a rural area with only a few houses - a true paradise for artists to live, create and immerse into the atmosphere of woods, fields and flowers. 
    After taking pictures, you will end your experience at the local hidden gem  - Van Gogh Cafe. Finally, with a hot cup of aromatic cappuccino, we will share our experience of this day.

Meeting Point

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Outside of the Tiffany & Co
Covent Garden, 13 James St, London WC2E 8BT

End Point

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Oval Station


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