Castle Adventures and Pagan trips

Magical Castles Tour : Dover and Leeds

Imagine yourself transported to another era, one with servants, maids and ladies in waiting. 

Royal Gardens and Castles in 3 days

For centuries fortifications were considered one of the most important constructions in urban areas. 

Fairytale Castle Tour: Windsor and Arundel

In the ancient and medieval times the castle was the ultimate symbol of power. Explore picturesque relics of the middle ages.

Castle Adventures and Pagan trips

British Mysteries: UFO, Druids, Stonehenge and a Pyramid

Wiltshire is famous for intriguing circle crops that magically appear out of nowhere and is also the most popular sight for UFOs. Discover Druid stone circles and other mysteries

Follow the footsteps of King Arthur

See fabled castles, spectacular coastlines and out-of-this-world heritage sites on this 3-day tour.
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Magical Garden and Castle Adventures

Romantic Ruins of London

This experience will take you on the romantic exploration of derelict London. You will have a chance to see once grandest places that are now forgotten. 

Forgotten Palaces of London

Have you ever been in a time-travelling machine? Well, we offer you one.  You will experience the magic of forgotten medieval castles and splendid palaces that are rarely visited and not covered in guidebooks.

Magical Christmas Adventure

Christmas in a Medieval Village and Castle

Discover hidden Christmas legends