Royal Gardens and Castles Adventure: 6 castles in 3 days

For centuries fortifications were considered one of the most important constructions in urban areas. 
Because castles were the first to withstand enemies attacks and the last to surrender.

The spectacular castles of Britain are a thing of beauty. Imagine yourself transported to another era, one with servants, maids and ladies in waiting. You will hear stories about its inhabitants, history of local villages and have a glimpse into a different universe.

We have selected the most beautiful castles for you to see.


  • See the oldest castle in the world - Windsor Castle
  • Discover restored Arundel Castle
  • Walk on the site of the historical Battle of Hastings
  • See white cliffs of Dover and magical Dover Castle
  • Discover Leeds castle and its outstanding natural landscaper
  • Hear stories about Rochester Castle inhabitants
  • Walk around enchanting Hever Castle

5894 £ per group (4 people max)

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Sights you will see:

Windsor Castle
Arundel Castle and gardens
Dover Castle
Leeds Castle
Rochester Castle
Hever Castle


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Day 1 

You will start your day from traveling to Windsor Castle - the oldest castle in the world.  It was

founded by William the Conqueror in the 11th century and has since been the home of 39 monarchs. You will hear stories about The Queen, who spends most of her private weekends at the Castle. Afterwards, your journey will continue to the restored and remodelled medieval Arundel Castle.  Walk around the stone-grey fortification and imagine yourself in medieval times.  You will stop in one of the historical hotels and enjoy a walk through astonishing landscapes.

Day 2

The Medieval period in European history is generally regarded as a time of religious supremacy and non-stop brutality. You will see where William the Conqueror won the battle of Hastings before he conquered London and established his rule in England.  Enjoy outstanding landscapes before you will arrive to the magnificent Dover Castle, which stands right above the cliffs. When the sky is clear and sun shines above you can even see a highlight of the French coast!

Later in the day you will travel to the Leeds castle surrounded by water. Learn legends about crusaders, who locked their wive’s in a sturdy metal devices to ensure their faithfulness.  Walk around the magnificent parks and explore lands that once were so favourable for Vikings.

Day 3

Start your beautiful day from exploring Rochester Castle and discovering stories about its inhabitants. The last point of your exploration will be Hever Castle, surrounded by outstanding natural landscapes. 

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8 am
We recommend to start before 12 pm in winter and no later than 2 pm in summer.


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3 days


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Tuesday - Sunday

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