A journey to the most Haunted Village in the World + Haunted Castle

A chauffeured adventure

Ghosts have never been so close!


  • See the most haunted village in the world 
  • Explore the haunting smell of burning wool or yarn of the "Walker" poltergeist ghost
  • Walk through the old cemetery
  • Discover a shadowy figure of a "highwayman" ghost.


284 £ per person (if 5 people)
1420£ per group

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Sights you will see:

The most haunted village in the world
Hever Castle
1470  historical pub


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Welcome to the Magical Journey for Ghost-hunters. We will use ghost equipment to haunt the ghosts, just don't take any of the ghosts home! 
We will depart from London and will firstly visit one of the most haunted castles in Britain. It is  entwined with ghost stories following Anne Boleyn’s death. That's where the Lord Astor (owner of the Hever Castle from 1962 to 1983) made ghoulish investigations. Then we will continue our journey to the haunted village where conversations between spirits are more common than between humans. The squeaks and rattles there  are not just another gust of wind, so be prepared for unexpected.  Up until 1989 this village was in Guinness Book of World Records as the most haunted in the world while today its the central spot for lots of paranormal  investigative programs  - such as Ghost Hunters International, Strange but True and Most Haunted.
We will finish ghost adventure at the 1470s haunted country pub.

Meeting Point

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At the lobby of your hotel

End Point

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At the haunted forest, from where you will find your way to London.
Just kidding, we will drive you back to your hotel:) 


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Expert Ghost Guide
Pub Drinks
Castle tickets
Chauffeured tour


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12 pm


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10 hours


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Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday