A Time-Travelling adventure to the Darkest Secrets of London

Walking Tour

Discover Witchcraft, executions and ancient cults


  •   See the place after which " Bloody Mary" got her nickname
  •  See where witches were burn on stake
  •  Discover the London Devils 
  •  Discover hidden roman cult
  •  Walk across the area of the original brothels 
  •  See the oldest house which survived the Great Fire of London 
  • A bird's eye view of St Pauls
  • Explore the oldest haunted church in London

214 £ per person

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Sights you will see:

Smithfield Market
Leadenhall Market


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Somebody once said if 'you aren’t in Love with London, you aren’t in love with life'. A place of hopes and dreams, but also a place of death, executions​ and betrayal. 
Start your tour from the first murder place. Afterwards, continue your way towards the oldest house which survived the Great Fire of London and see what the housing system was like before 1666.

Walk along Cock Lane, a street that takes its name after gruesome medieval brothels. Later on, you'll arrive at a church where you will see the notorious execution bell, which rung 12 times to the poor souls condemned to death! If you are getting thirsty, don’t worry, Dirty Dicks is next on the agenda and of course, it's named after a man who didn't wash his "magic wand".
You will see the place after which " Bloody Mary" got her nickname, discover a hidden roman cult and see London Devils! 

You will have a time-travelling adventure going navigating between 4th, 12th, 17th and 21st century.


Meeting Point

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Bleeding Heart Yard, Farringdon, London EC1N, UK

End Point

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Liverpool Street


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Pick up & drop off


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6 pm


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2 hours


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Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday