Jack the Ripper

Walking Tour

Explore the area which once was a place of murder, fear and total darkness. Darkness filled hearts and souls of East End Victorians. But the notorious history of the East End is dominated by only one name : Jack the Ripper.


  • Hear stories about Victorian Sex trade 
  • See where prostitutes were murdered by Jack the Ripper 
  • Explore the dark side of East End 
  • Create your own murder theory 

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In 1888 East End London has witnessed  series of horrendous murders. Five women were murdered and their bodies’ mutilated. Nobody knew the identity of the killer, so police named him “Jack the Ripper”. Despite police investigations and numerous studies, the true identity of the murderer remains a mystery.

This walk delves into the shadowy passages and takes you along streets that have changed little, in over a hundred years. 

Start from the Aldgate Station, where your Guide will tell you about slum houses and life conditions in London in the end of 19th Century. Walk towards the place where East End experienced the blossom of Victorian Sex trade. Continue towards the murder site of ‘Mary Ann Nicols’, Jack’s victim. Afterwards walk through the dark streets before you arrive to the murder site of Catherine Eddows. Following the murder of Catherine, it was noticed that a piece of her blood-stained dress was missing. Discover where the missing material was found. Pass through the historical pub ‘The 10 Bells’, where victims not only had their drinks, but worked as well. As you hear more horrific stories, finish your tour by the Christ Church  Spitafields, which would have been a common site for both Jack the Ripper and his victims.

Meeting Point

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outside of the Dorset Hotel, 
Aldgate Tube Station
9 Aldgate High St, London EC3N 1AH

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Aldgate Tube Station


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2 hours


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