A Magical Adventure into the Top 10 Places of Power

Walking Tour

Gain an insight into London-based conspiracy theories on an evening tour of the capital. Visit iconic locations such as Chatham House, New Scotland Yard, and Downing Street and hear alternative insights into the city’s history and culture from your professional guide. Be immersed in the air of intrigue as you explore after dusk, benefiting from the private tour for an intimate experience in the moonlit city.


  • Hear where a secret political rule was established 
  • See the headquarters of the British propaganda 
  • Find Winston Churchill’s face on the Astronomical Clock 
  • Discover where the world’s freemasonry supreme council is 
  • See where Prince Charles receives his income

184 £ per person

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Sights you will see:

St Paul's Cathedral
Buckingham Palace
Scotland Yard


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On this tour you will see 10 places of the soft power that share the same magical number 10.


Soft power is a persuasive approach to international relations, typically using economic or cultural influence.


Your Guide will tell you how Britain influences the World and why British language has become international and is studied across the globe. As you walk through the most important streets you will understand what powers are in charge of global influence.


The tour highlights the critical role of British institutions – Prime minister headquarters, metropolitan police, the professional societies, trade unions, the tabloid press – in the UK’s soft power. 


Meet your Guide at the Banqueting Housel and walk to the British council.


Continue your way to the Chatham House and hear about secret political rule.


Go to the Freemasonry world supreme council and discover what symbol they use.


Pass through the place where Prince Charles takes his money. As you hear secret stories you arrive at the place which was the ministry of information during the WW2. Walk to the New Scotland Yard, which also shares magical number 10 and hear about police investigations. Go to 10 Downing Street where Prime Ministers had lived since 1732, starting with Robert Walpole who was the first to acquire this place. Ask your Guide why all European Prime Ministers take pictures in the same pose.


Take the tube and arrive at Bracken House where your Guide will explain you why there is a Winston Churchill face installed on its clock. Enjoy your walk in the City of London, the oldest part of London before your Guide will take you to the London Stock Exchange.


After this tour you would feel that you are a part of conspiracy theory and that nothing can be hidden from you! Blackheath Common, where you can catch a train back to central London.

Meeting Point

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At your hotel or any place of 

End Point

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Tottenham Court Road
Your Tour concludes atTottenham Court Roadwhere you can conveniently access the London Underground, National Rail Services from Charing Cross Station, London Bus Services, or local taxi services.

Tottenham Court Road, Tottenham Court Rd, Fitzrovia, London, UK


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Expert Occult Guide
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