People's Stories

Princess Diana & Royal Secrets

Princess Diana touched the hearts of millions around the World. She was known for her kindness, her charity work and for being a devoted mother to her two sons.

Bad boys of Britain

Your history teacher probably already explained you everything about chivalry and great monarchs. On this tour you will only learn scandalous details about British Kings and their mistresses, what is similar between Mick Jagger and Charles II (both had illegitimate children) and why the bad boys are the most loved ones?

People's Stories

Royal Mistresses and Lovers: Nell Gwynn, Robert Dudley and Wallis Simpson

“Paris is a City of Love but London is a City of Lust” 

Catharine Arnold

Don’t believe if one tells you that people were moralists few centuries ago. That’s an absolute lie!  You will hear stories filled with sexual pleasures, greatest desires and deepest sins of Londoners and city visitors.