Bad Boys of Britain

Your history teacher probably already explained you everything about chivalry and great monarchs. But we want to tell it it was a lie. If you are looking for kind characters you can read a Cinderella story. On this tour you will only learn scandalous details about British Kings and their mistresses, what is similar between Mick Jagger and Charles II (both had illegitimate children) and why the bad boys are the most loved ones?



  • Learn which king had 6 wives
  • Hear Stories about 19th century fashionista who gambled all his money
  • Discover why George IV asked for brandy on his wedding night
  • Hear for what Oskar Wilde was imprisoned
  • Discover what is similar between Mick Jagger and Charles II? (illegitimate children)
  • How many mistresses had Charles II?

184 £ per person

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Sights you will see:

Picadilly arcade
St James's park
National Gallery
Carnaby street


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Meet your Guide at the Piccadilly Arcade, in front of the Beau Brummel Statue.  On this tour you will discover stories about men who gained some notoriety in their time.  Start your tour from stories about the most popular fashionista George “Beau” Brummel and why it took him 5 hours to dress every morning. Afterwards you will follow you guide to St James’s Palace, which was built by Henry VIII, the king who had 6 wives and beheaded 2 of them. You will hear everything about the life at the Tudor court and how courtiers feared the King.


 Walk through the lovely St James’s park amid birdsongs and wild-rustling trees before you reach Buckingham Palace, the only working Palace in the World. Today it is a place where Queen resided, but before Queen Victoria it was just an additional estate which was expanded by George IV. Discover why George IV became unpopular and if he truly poisoned his wife?


Go further to see Robert Burns statue, the most distinctive Scottish poet. Despite most of his poetry was about love he didn’t treat women well enough and changed his favours quite fast. You will hear stories about Oscar Wild’s life in London and why he had to hide that he was homosexual. Continue towards National Gallery, location where the most popular fictional Bad Boy was filmed, James Bond. Hear stories about British first spies and what 007 truly means. 


Walk towards Carnaby street, the music paradise of 1960s and hear stories about Mick Jagger and his numerous lovers. Finish your tour by the oldest theatre in London, where Charles II found his favourite mistress, Nell Gwynn.


Meeting Point

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Beau Brummell Statue, 
53 Jermyn St, 
St. James's,

End Point

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Drury Lane


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11 am


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