Top 10 people in British History 

Indoor Tour at the National Portrait Gallery

The origins of kingship can be traced to the second century BC. But who were the most influential monarchs? Who brought arts, culture and enlightment to Britain? Who sacrificed their lives for the sake of the crown, for the glorious ideas, for love, for education? On our tour we are going to see portraits of the most significant people who shaped British history.



  • Discover which monarch had black teeth 
  • Who employed hawks? 
  • See who made Big Ben an iconic symbol of London 
  • Explore the greatest love story on Earth 
  • Hear how Henry VIII killed his wives and courtiers 

184 £ per person

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Sights you will see:

Parliament Square
Trafalgar Square
National Portrait Gallery


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After you have enjoyed the view on the Parliament, meet your Guide in front of the Churchill Statue and hear stories about his fascinating life. Continue along the adorable Whitehall where you will see where the first Prime Minister, Robert Walpole lived. Ask your Guide why calling someone Prime Minister was rude in the 18th Century. Afterwards Tour Guide will take you to the National Portrait Gallery, where you will discover outstanding British masterpieces. As you walk along the Tudor room, your Guide will share stories about notorious king Henry VIII and his daughter Elizabeth I, who was known as the Virgin Queen. Can you imagine that it took her a few hours every morning to get dressed! Continue your way to other galleries and discover why Oliver Cromwell banned Christmas and beheaded Charles I, how Monarchy was restored and why Prince Albert employed hawks on the Great Exhibition in 1854!

You will finish your tour in the gallery where you can have a wonderful lunch in the gallery café or explore souvenir bookshop. 

Meeting Point

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Sir Winston Churchill Statue, Parliament Square

End Point

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National Portrait Gallery


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Expert Guide
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11 am


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Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday