Forgotten Palaces of London

Have you ever been on a time-travelling machine? Well, you will try one here.  

You will experience the magical atmosphere of forgotten medieval castles and splendid palaces. All of them are rarely visited and not covered in guidebooks.


  • Discover  the 16th century castle
  • Explore breathtaking Medieval Palace 
  • See ruins of the Winchester palace
  • Hear where monarchs used to hide their jewels
  • See which Palace had a tunnel to hide the 'ladies of the night'

834 £ per group

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Sights you will see:

Fulham palace

Bruce Castle
Winchester Palace

Jewel Tower

St James Palace


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When London’s grandest palaces were built, they were intended to demonstrate their owner's wealth, power, and never to be forgotten. Splendid exteriors of magnificent entrances could impress even the most ambitious and arty visitors. During centuries extravagant places were illuminated by candlelight and adorned with exotic flowers while the best balls and social gatherings took place there. 

However, all of those once splendour palaces are not listed in guidebooks and are forgotten by now. You will explore the grandest forgotten palaces, towers and castles that will take your breath away.

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Expert Guide in Occult History 
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