London Unseen: Occult, Alchemy and Magick 

“Magical places are always beautiful and deserve to be contemplated … Always stay on the bridge between the invisible and the visible.” – Paulo Coelho

This experience is about dichotomy of two worlds - one of them is known and familiar while the other is unseen, occult, magical. You will see how the business life of London is blended into magical background of London with invisible threads. Powerful institutions, monarchy, politics, banks, businesses - all of them have powerful magical background which you are going to discover.

We will start from the Farringdon station mysteriously hidden away between two London worlds - City of London and City of Westminster, walk through the cobblestone medieval streets and time travel through the ancient, medieval and futuristic London


  • See the ancient Underground temple discovered in 1950s
  • Explore the oldest haunted church in England
  • Walk through the medieval street of executions where " Bloody Mary" got her nickname
  • See the oldest house which survived the Great Fire of London 
  • Discover where Queen Elizabeth I’s magician Dr John Dee made a pact with a demon.
  • Walk through the long 117 year old foot tunnel underneath the river Thames
  • See creation of "the Devil Architect" - occult pyramid and mysterious church 
  • See the former site of London’s secret nuclear reactor 
  • Discover places of ritual magic 
  • Unlock the secrets of the the world's most famous banker J.P. Morgan
  • Explore a mysterious Satan church with 666 pews 


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Sights you will see:

St Paul's Cathedral

Canary Wharf

Tower of London 

Farringdon Viaduct


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On this magical journey you will learn about ancient teachings prevalent in London throughout centuries. 

You will discover the mysterious cult of Mithras that first appeared in Rome in the 1st century AD and spread across the Empire over the next 300 years, predominantly attracting people of high rank.

Followers of the cult were meeting in the dark underground temples to recreate a mythological scene and make a bull sacrifice to the blood thirsty God of War.
 You will walk through the haunted cobblestone streets and see where " Bloody Mary" got her nickname. Later on you will feel the energy of the dead while standing at the site of the medieval witchcraft executions.  
We will see the church of "the Devils architect" highlighted with occult Pyramid in the gruesome graveyard and make an offering to worship Pagan gods.

You will explore the leyline where a personal astrologer and magician of Queen Elizabeth I’s John Dee conjured a spirit, and made a deal with demon to create a British empire. As a cherry on top, you will even see John Dee’s own symbol, The Monas Hieroglyphica, immortalised in the pathways of the forgotten park, with a symbolic statue in the centre of the occult circle!

We will stop by the giant towers of Canary Wharf, to highlight the sculpture “Cosmic Egg” from which the Ancient Egyptian God Ra was born. 

Later on we will walk through the 118 year old haunted tunnel under the River Thames straight to the place of the hidden nuclear reactor which was operational right up to the 90's. Then 
We will finish our occult expedition visiting a mysterious "Satan" church with 666 pews and a hidden pentacle on its exterior facade.

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Monday - Sunday