Romantic Ruins of London

Premium Tour

This experience will take you on the romantic exploration of derelict London. You will have a chance to see once grandest places that are now forgotten. 


  • Explore Billionaires row – a street of abandoned houses once purchases by affluent families.
  • Discover Victorian Castles
  • Explore 19th-century Palaces
  • Walk through the forgotten cemetery
  • See the ruins of a Roman Wall

834 £  per group

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Sights you will see:

St Dunstan of the East

Winchester Palace
Crystall Palace


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When you visit London, you can’t even imagine that it is even possible to see something in absolute ruins. However, the sad reality is that some buildings and palaces are inevitably damaged and continue to decay until they are completely vanished from the urban landscape. 

The sad beauty of the ruin swill intrigue you as well as make you ponder on how a series of events made those places abandoned by people that once adored it.

We will take you on the inspiring journey of the past from 18th century till the 1990s 


You will start your experience from exploring the gothic rundown cemetery, which is covered by plants and became a hot-spot for wildlife. Sometimes you can see foxes chasing each other and hear enchanting songs of robins and sparrows. Continue your journey towards ruined gothic church placed right in the middle of the financial district. See the remains of London wall before you travel outskirts of the city centre to the land of ancient woodlands surrounded by remains of Victorian villas. The gothic view appears from one of Emily Bronte novels. It is also home of magnificent flowering plants and more than 200 species of trees. Continue along to discover Severndroog castle, built by the mourning widow in remembrance of her husband. The castle is a viewing platform for the spectacular urban London and is known for ghost hauntings.

Take your time before driving to the 18th-century garden once owned by Rothschild's and ornamented by picturesque ruined castle towers.

Drive further towards Crystal Palace, which has been a centre of popular entertainment for over a century, but slowly decays and disappears in the undergrowth. It also hosts sculptures of incredible life-like Dynosaures, created in the 19thcentury!

Explore the palace before you finish your experience at Billionaires row – a street in north London where half of the buildings are abandoned since the 1990s and slowly turn into ruins. Maybe you can become an owner and change the destruction into the flourishing palace?

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