Secrets of the Royal family

scandals, hang-out spots and weddings


  • Explore where prince Harry and Meghan shared a cocktail on the first date
  • Discover where was the first public appearance of Charles and Camilla
  • See Hotel where relatives of Kate Middleton stayed before the Royal wedding
  • Check where Royals buy wine: the oldest alcohol shop in London
  • See site of the secret tunnel where Henry VIII smuggled mistresses
  • Stop by Westminster Abbey where Prince William and Kate Middleton got married
  • Buy tea and cookies at the Queens favourite shop
  • See where Prince Charles collects his annual income




Queen of Spades, Queen of Hearts and Queen of England. When you think about Queen, you always associate this word with Queen Elizabeth.


Queen Elizabeth II has become the longest-reigning monarch in British history. The next in line to the throne is her eldest son, Charles, Prince of Whales, whilst her grandson, William, Duke of Cambridge will follow.




The British royals are well-known for their charity work all around the world and their lavish lifestylehas always intrigued people. But are their lifes as smooth as it seems? On this tour you will discover all secrets unknown to the general public.

Meet your guide in the front of the Winston Churchill statue, Parliament Square. Discover connections of Winston Churchill to the Royal court before you would walk towards the Parliament to see where the Queen gives her annual speech which was this year delayed by Teresa May.

Your Guide will show Westminster Abbey, where 16 Royal weddings took place, the last one of Prince William and Kate Middleton. Enjoy the tranquil walk through the oldest royal  St James’s park before you would see a splendid Goring Hotel where you will hear stories about preparations to Kate Middleton wedding with Prince William. Afterwards you would be able to see Buckingham Palace where you can check if the Queen is at home or out on her Royal Duties.  Did you know where Prince Charles collects his annual income? You would see it on our tour. Continue your way towards the notorious former Royal residence, St James’s Palace, and see the oldest royal alcohol shop. You Guide will explain you where was the secret tunnel which was used to smuggle mistresses. Afterwards you will be able to check tiny shops where members of the Royal family buy their outfits and accessories for the special occasions.

Enjoy your walk through the oldest shopping area before you will stop by flamboyant hotel The Ritz, where Charles and Camila had their first public appearance. Walk to Piccadilly street to discover Fortnum and Mason, where Queen could be seen buying tea and chocolates. Discover if drinking tea is originally a British custom?  Walk towards Meghan Markles favourite Italian restaurant, where you can book a table for lunch or dinner and discover Soho House, where the young royal couple had many of their secret first dates.




2 hours


In the front of the Winston Churchill statue


Westmister tube

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