Self-guided Road trips

Britain : The Land of Legends


You will travel on your own but will have all the perks of travelling with a guide.

Brush the covid year away from you like dead leaves and go on a journey of a wild discovery!


Britain is one of the most adorable and impressive countries in the world. There are mystical hills, and rolling parakeet-green fields; quiet ancient woods and astonishing ocean cliffs.


I selected the most impressive off-the-beaten-track routes for you to explore the scenic countryside, relax beside the sandy beaches and discover quaint cobblestone villages.



Why me?


My name is Valery Danko, I am a city of Westminster tour guide, history documentaries presenter, an actress and a traveller ( I visited 46 countries).
I’m constantly taking breathtaking trips for inspiration and documentaries. Therefore I just can’t keep my findings secret and would love to share unusual stories and picturesque places with you.
Every holiday here comes with a detailed itinerary including tips and recommendations on the most incredible areas along with restaurants, facilities, car parks and hotels.
After you book the trip you will receive a detailed pdf route with a link to a recorded video tour.
Enjoy the exploration!

Ancient Britain: Sacred forests, Neolithic burials and UFO sights

Fairytale Castles of Kent and Sussex

Grotesque Gardens and mysterious ruins

 Legends of Dartmoor and Glastonbury

Fairytale Cornwall: castles, gardens and waterfalls