Sex and London

“Paris is a City of Love but London is a City of Lust” 

Catharine Arnold

Don’t believe if one tells you that people were moralists few centuries ago. That’s an absolute lie!  You will hear stories filled with sexual pleasures, greatest desires and deepest sins of Londoners and city visitors.


  • See the former sites of the most intriguing brothel
  •  Explore the red light district of 18th century
  •  Walk through the area where you could have bought condoms in 18th century
  •  Discover where Casanova stayed on his visit to London
  •  Hear stories about the most celebrated royal mistress Nell Gwynn

£284 per person 
£795 per private group

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Sights you will see:

Covent Garden
Trafalgar Square


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 When it comes to sex, London has always had a bit of reputation. It has always been a sex capital, driven by desire. Your Guide will take you to the place where one of the most prominent European composers got into trouble. Then walk to the place where in the 19th Century you could have bought condoms and discover how salt and herbs "protected" from Syphilis. Continue along the Strand before you arrive to the oldest restaurant in London where great womanizer Edward VII dined his mistresses. Walk to the place where Casanova stayed on his visit to London and discover which mistress was the most important to him.  Your Guide will show you where the most notorious Countess lived and who made a man die on duels for her love and passion. Hear about John Montagu’s greatest love affair before you arrive to the School of Sodom, where men were severely flogged. Discover about the most influential Royal mistress, Nell Gwyn before you arrive to the place of former 18th Century Masquerades. See the 1920s nightclub ‘Empire’ and the place of cocaine distribution. You will journey along former 18th century Brothels and Soho Strip-Clubs before you finish your tour at the Chinatown.


Meeting Point

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National Portrait Gallery, St. Martin's Pl, Charing Cross, London WC2H 0HE, UK

End Point

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Tottenham Court Road / Leicester Square


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Expert  Guide
Walking Experience


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6 pm


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2 hours


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Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday