Conspiracy Theory: 10 places with number 10

Gain insight into London-based conspiracy theories on an evening tour of the capital. Visit iconic locations such as Chatham House, New Scotland Yard, and Downing Street and hear alternative insights into the city’s history and culture from your professional guide. Be immersed in the air of intrigue as you explore after dusk, benefiting from the small-group size for an intimate experience in the moonlit city.

A true story of mystical London

Travelers interested in the magic and mystical side of London—this is the tour for you.  Learn about the secrets of world-famous banker J.P. Morgan, see architect Nicholas Hawksmoor’s occult pyramid in a graveyard, walk through a tunnel under the Thames that’s over 117 years old, and see sites of ritual magic. Love discovering secrets? 

Ancient Cults, MI5 secrets and City Devils

Ancients bloody cults, Occult architecture and  MI15 Astrological charts in WWII  - all these matters and many more are brought to life in the Darkside tour, a unique and terrifying journey through the maddened streets of the capital. A must tour for fans of dark stories, conspiracies and bizarre.


British Mysteries: UFO sights, Crop Circles, Stonehenge, and a pyramid

Wiltshire is famous for intriguing circle crops that magically appear out of nowhere and is also the most popular sight for UFOs. Discover Druid stone circles and other mysteries

TOP Worlds Secrets: The Real illuminati

Do not fear that Illuminati will take over the world. It won’t happen because they took over this world long ago.