Lost History

The World in One City: from Asia & Middle East to Americas

Due to London's diverse range of race, ethnicity and religion, it is often described as "The World in One City". In London, every culture is welcome. On this tour, you will explore London’s vibrant diversity. In one day you will travel to all continents. You will feel yourself in India, China, Brazil, Middle East, Africa, Eastern and Central Europe. Only London can offer you this one day journey across the globe!

London Historical Pubs: drink and discover lost stories!

If you love to have your beer in a historical setting this tour is for you!

Romantic Ruins of London

This experience will take you on the romantic exploration of derelict London. You will have a chance to see once grandest places that are now forgotten. 

Lost History

BREXIT tour: Leave or Remain

Brexit. Are we going to have hard or soft Brexit? Is it going to happen at all? It’s the most popular topic and yet the most unknown. This year even Brexit movie starring Benedict Cumberbatch was released.

Finally we can shed the light on Brexit history: you will hear about 1st Brexit which happened 500 years ago in 1534 and its consequences, discover hints from Buckingham Palace on the current situation, why people voted for or against Brexit, what will happen after it and the main – who is the figure behind it.

London's Skyscrapers & Castles

You are going to see the oldest part of London along with the highest skyscrapers in the world! During the walk you will discover an eclectic mix of an ancient, medieval and futuristic London as well as walk through hidden pathways to the river Thames. You will explore the City from Roman times to the Future!

Forgotten Palaces of London

Have you ever been in a time-travelling machine? Well, we offer you one.  You will experience the magic of forgotten medieval castles and splendid palaces that are rarely visited and not covered in guidebooks.