People's Stories

Princess Diana & Royal Secrets

Princess Diana touched the hearts of millions around the World. She was known for her kindness, her charity work and for being a devoted mother to her two sons.

Harry and Meghan’s London Life

A love story watched by billion eyes started in trendy private members club Soho House in Dean street, London. It continued all across the globe later, but this experience will introduce you the most stylish places enjoyed by celebrity couple while in London.

Bad boys of Britain

Your history teacher probably already explained you everything about chivalry and great monarchs. But we want to tell it it was a lie. If you are looking for kind characters you can read a Cinderella story. On this tour you will only learn scandalous details about British Kings and their mistresses, what is similar between Mick Jagger and Charles II (both had illegitimate children) and why the bad boys are the most loved ones?

People's Stories

Top 10 people in British History

The origins of kingship can be traced to the second century BC. But who were the most influential monarchs? Who brought arts, culture and enlightment to Britain? 

London's Sex History : Royal Mistresses and Casanova

“Paris is a City of Love but London is a City of Lust” 

Catharine Arnold

Don’t believe if one tells you that people were moralists few centuries ago. That’s an absolute lie!  You will hear stories filled with sexual pleasures, greatest desires and deepest sins of Londoners and city visitors.

Bohemian Rhapsody: Freddie Mercury Story

Get your fix of Freddie Mercury and Queen nostalgia on this London walking tour. Skip finding the locations for yourself and let a guide lead you to the places important to one of the UK’s greatest bands and share stories and secrets you’d miss if alone. Visit the pub where Freddie first met Brian and Roger; pass recording studios, see the house where Freddy died in 1991, and much more.