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The suppression of Pagan history has been successful until mystic William Blake brought it back to life. Later on Victorians did everything in their power to erase this part of history. On this experience you will discover forgotten sights, forbidden history and mystical stone circles.



  • Discover where was founded Ancient order of Druids
  • Take a photo with Druid Street sign
  • See astrological clock
  • Explore London’s stone circle
  • Hear druid stories
  • See where druids meet up today
  • Walk along the leylines (lines of energy)
  • Explore the stone of sacrifices

834 £ per group

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Meet your Druid Guide in the Hotel Lobby.  Drive towards Hilly Fields Park, where you will hear stories about their initiations. Initiation into the druidic order was originally a clandestine matter performed in subterranean tunnels and underground chambers within solitary locations where earth energies combined to create the serpent force such as stone circles, places of the dragon and burial moulds. The times of those initiations usually coincided with important festivals – solstice, equinox and cross-quarter day festivals of the old pagan calendar.

Druid advancement included 3 degrees: Bard, Ovate and Druid.

In Prehistoric times London was a thriving Druidic centre, and we still can find some evidence beneath buildings and roads. Our Guide will show you places that stand on the Leylines (lines of energy).


However, the Victorians who were obsessed with Anglo-Saxon England rewrote British history. 

In 1846 welsh was banned all over Wales, same as teachings of Welsh folklore was cleansed from the public school system. Only recently, we started to collect information about druidism, and it has seen a new peak.

See forgotten places where first British laws were made, and religious rites enacted and learn how the devotion of the serpent became the heart of Druid worship.

Follow your guide towards the site of the Ancient Order of Druids and end your tour by the bookshop where Druids still meet today.


Learn the truth to pass it further.

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At the Lobby of  your Hotel or Appartment

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At the Lobby of  your Hotel or Appartment


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