"I believe in everything until it’s disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it’s in your mind. Who’s to say that dreams and nightmares aren’t as real as the here and now?" 
John Lennon

Valery Danko

 I am Valery Danko, CEO of Pigeon Tours,  a City of Westminster Tour Guide, artist and actor.

I was always fascinated by folklore, mysterious stories and hidden aspects of the World. Therefore after getting my MA degree in journalism I opened Pigeon Tours to offer magical adventures in London.

Currently I'm writing an "Uncensored London" book  with some secret stories that I plan to publish buy the end of 2022.

What I am proud of?

  • In October 2019 I was honoured to be invited for the dinner with Princess Anne (Queen Elizabeth's daughter) for my contributions to the City of Westminster history.
  • I developed magical adventures for EMERGE  and Totally Thames festivals (that promotes history and arts to Londoners  and its visitors).
  • 50,696 guests from 49 countries entrusted me to plan their magical adventure
  • I play in feature films and broadcast in environmental documentaries.

How I got embarrassed while researching:

While exploring unusual history I often get caught into silly situations. Once at Wellcome Collection museum I inquired where I can see a torture chair for the purpose of the tour I was designing. A friendly receptionist asked me straight away if I would like to see some Victorian anti-masturbation devices as well.

I replied : "sure, why not?" So, he dialled the archivist and blurted out: "there is a lady downstairs who is eager to see our  anti-masturbation devices".
Ermm... Well, ok...
Afterwards I was asked by  the curious museum assistant why my special interest lays in  anti-masturbation... Is it something that bothers me?..
She didn't look convinced after I explained.

My birthplace and travel destinations

  • I was born in the ancient city of witches, medieval cossack glory and dark soviet past - Kyiv, where I majored in Journalism

  • I lived in futuristic Shanghai where I worked at the art gallery, movie industry and learned Mandarin

  • Resided in the medieval borough of Prague where I explored glorious past of alchemists

  • Stayed at the picturesque Sao Miguel island, Portugal where I learned about prehistoric nature

  • Travelled to 46 countries

  • Currently reside in London

I love meeting like-minded people from various backgrounds, cultures and professions, because I truly believe that our beautiful differences make friendship stronger and traveling so appealing.  

If you are on this page the Universe has brought you to me and my  dedicated team of the best magical creators.

Check  instagram  for more information about me @valerydanko and follow our experiences @valerydanko_guide
My acting website : www.valerydanko.com

Wherever you are in this world, I wish you wonderful travel adventures and magical experiences.

Yours truly, Valery Danko