the capital of curiosities!

London is one of the world's greatest cities and is an important centre for arts, entertainment and high finance.

More than a tour company, we're passionate locals.


Qualified tour guide and journalist Valery Danko launched Pigeon Tours in 2017 with the purpose of sharing undiscovered stories and places with people. It is our great pleasure to deliver unusual tours and share hidden or little-known aspects of the city with you. We are explorers just like pigeons.


What we do

When you first come to London you will find that the world-famous attractions are covered in standard tours and guidebooks. We take you off the beaten path to seek out the more unusual places that often fail to register on the radar of both visitors and residents alike. We also highlight unexpected and often overlooked aspects and attractions of some of London’s most famous tourist sites, such as Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Parliament, Tower of London as well as many first-class museums, art galleries and department stores.


Pigeon Tours includes the city’s most unusual routes.


our tours

We reveal many of the untold stories that are part of London hidden history.

secret societies, occultism and witchcraft

Secret societies have existed in human society for thousands of years. Are the freemasons really running the world?...

Peculiar stories about London animals: How animals shaped London history

With what kind of animals you associate London? Horses, ravens, queen’s corgis? London is a city of animals...

Jack the Ripper: The wickedest man in the world.

Explore the area which once was a place of murder, fear and total darkness. Darkness filled hearts and souls of East End Victorians...



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