Unusual & Peculiar  

Best tour I had in London!! Esoteric/Hidden Lore London 

If you want to learn about the city and the fascinating undercurrent details that make up the full story of London with a darker twist, go no further than Pigeon tours.

I wish there was a hidden society/esoteric history walking tour for other cities led by the highly intelligent and charming guide, Valery. With her expertise and vast knowledge, I got to experience all the hidden details/symbolism I like to look for when traveling to a new city, not the mainstream stuff you can find on your own. 
This tour really stays with you after and keeps you thinking, it was the highlight of my London trip.


 Occult Experiences 

This tour was one of my favorite things in London because it shows so many secret things especially for
people who are intrested in occult this is a must go.. and the tour guide Valerie was very nice and
explaining everything in details.. it definitely leaves a good experience..so i really recommend this..


 Fantastic adventures

Fantastic Adventure into the world of secret societies

I thoroughly enjoyed this tour as a grand history lesson while diving deep into the secret societies that influenced some of England’s most powerful rulers...Learning about Queen Elizabeth and her astrologer and dipping into the world of the Free Masons...it was very Interesting...This tour was unusual and very well curated. My guide was also incredibly hospitable and offered many fun stories about historical figures to the adventure...a sense of humor wasn’t missing. Definitely highly recommend

Kirsten Louise L

My first tour went so well i booked another tour for the following day!

Thank you Valerie for accommodating me last minute with my reservation and THANK YOU Dani for leading 2 fantastic tours. There is so much more to London than meets the eye. If you want to experience London in a different way, this is the tour for you.

Dani has so much passion and knowlegde to share during her tours. Thank you for making my first trip to the UK such a great experience!! I can't wait to visit London again. I will definitely book with Pigeon Tours again!


Nomad Staycations

I had 2 month staycation over summer in Kiev, and loved the way Pigeon Tours organised it!  I met locals, visited few tours, gym, yoga classes, start-up hubs, cuban-style discos, everything was sorted. I even managed to visit cinema with subtitles! Thanks Petro, my local guide who was always available whenever I had questions.
All I had to worry was if I want Pasta or Risotto for dinner.

Carlos P.

“Valery was a pleasure to work with and her Pigeon Tour for Emerge embodied the spirit of discovery and exploration of the alternative side of London which our festival champions.”


Emerge Festival Director,  Culture24

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